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This wikia is for all things related to the 3DS video game "Disney Magical World", or as it was originally known "Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life". Please keep in mind that everything here is to relate to this game. So for official character pages, please do not include anything outside of the game.
Please do your best to follow the rules. Breaking them will result in mild punishments unless a repeated offense in which a ban will be placed.

  1. Try to restrain from using foul language, this wikia is meant to be for all ages. 
  2. Use your best grammar when making edits.
  3. Please do not harass other members. If someone is bothering you or if you see something, tell an Admin.
  4. Flaming is Forbidden. Flaming is when a person posts "hate comments" on pages.
  5. Do not Spam. Spamming is when a person inserts gibberish on pages.
  6. Sexual content is forbidden. No excuses. 
  7. Badge Hunting is not allowed.
  8. Remember to Respect your Fellow Members.
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