Fishing is one of the activities the player can do while in Disney Land after being taught by Donald Duck and gaining a fishing pole.

Fishing is very easy to do, the player simply picks a spot to sit down and then decides where to cast their line. After choosing, they wait for a fish to bite and then repeatedly push A until the fish is caught. The fish will give the player an item and then be released. If the A button isn't pushed on time, the fish will swim away without any reward. The rarer or bigger the fish, the more times you need to press A. (ex. Present Pike usually requires about 2 presses, while Gold Goby requires about 5 presses.)


Tools Found Materials Appearance
Twig Rod Given to player

Slender Branch

Sturdy Thread

A lanky twig with an acorn bobber
Proper Rod Quest from Donald A red and yellow fishing pole with a circular bobber divided into hemispheres that are the same colors as the pole
Well-made Rod Quest from Donald A red and black fishing pole with a Mickey Mouse-shaped bobber
Expert Rod Quest from Donald A white and blue fishing pole with a blue buoy bobber


These are in the order that the Collection page gives them. If you have information, please fill in some gaps that you find.

Species Location Rod Needed Items Appearance Size Record
Present Pike Cinderella's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod

Cotton Leaves, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, Slender Branch, Milky Way Mushroom, Twinkle Mushroom, Diamond Bubbles, Brilliant Silk Leaves

A small, blue fish with a hook fin and orange mouth 179 cm
Gift Grouper Aladdin's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod Mini Apple, Flexible Bark, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, 50 Coins, Ruby Bubbles, Rubber Leaves A small, pink fish with a hook fin and silver mouth 99 cm
Poach Perch

Alice's World, Castleton

Twig Rod. Rockcandy Rock, Green Mint, Emerald Bubbles, Cocoaberry Seed A small, silver fish with a hook fin and yellow-orange mouth 22 cm
Golden Goldfish 100 Acre Wood Expert Rod Honey Amber Bubbles A large, shining, golden fish with a hook fin 162 cm
Bounty Bass 100 Acre Wood, Castleton Pond Unknown Pearl Bubbles, Milkberry Seed, Tropical Herb Seed, Mini-Tomato Seed, Gilded Bubbles, Aromatic Nut Seed, Polka Dot Tulip Seed, Fluffy Dandelion Seed, Blue Thistle Seed A small, green fish with a hook fin and orange mouth 110 cm
Boxfish Cinderella's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod Inky Bubbles, Diamond Bubbles, Soap Bubbles A blue, spiky fish with a yellow lining 83 cm
Snap-Up Snapper Aladdin's World Proper Rod Spiceberry Seed, Topaz Bubbles, Spicy Spicefruit Seed A red, spiky fish with a yellow lining 112 cm
Silvershark Alice's World Well-made rod Aquamarine Bubbles, Bright White Rose Seed A silver, spiky fish with a yellow lining 49 cm
Rich Remora Aladdin's World Expert Rod Tiger Ruby Bubbles A golden, spiky fish with metallic lining 184 cm
Treasure Tuna 100 Acre Wood Unknown Sunny Straw, Wheat Seed, Pearl Bubbles, 100 coins A green, spiky fish with a yellow lining 156 cm
Pouched Pearlfish Cinderella's World, Castleton Pond Unknown Rosy Bubbles, Quilt Leaves, Sturdy Thread, Mini-Pumpkin Seed, Glass Shards, Amethyst Bubbles, Crystal Plate, Seed of Sprouting A blue flounder with a teal light on its head 180 cm
Walletfish Aladdin's World Well-made Rod Garnet Bubbles, Gold Fragments, Magmastone Plate A red flounder with a pink light on its head 143 cm
Pursed Pickerel Alice's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod Four-Leaf Clover, Soap Bubbles, Inky Bubbles, Soft Cloth, 10 Coins, Checkered Leaves, Emerald Bubbles, Greenwood Branch, Felt Leaves A white flounder with a blue light on its head 56 cm
Gold Goby Cinderella's World Expert Rod Fairy Diamond Bubbles A golden flounder with a white light on its head 166 cm
Fortune Flounder 100 Acre Wood, Castleton Proper Rod Turquoise Bubbles, 500 Coins, Sweetberry Seed, Butterynut Seed A green flounder with a teal light on its head 119 cm
Caching Crab Cinderella's World Unknown Sapphire Bubbles, Sparkling Charm A white, blue-spotted crab with red pincers 136 cm
Cashclaw Aladdin's World, Castleton Pond Twig Rod Denim Leaves, Eggfruit Seed, Ruby Bubbles, Sunny Herb Seed, Empty Antique Jar, Colorful Clover Seed, Hibiscus Seed, Purple Cosmos Seed, 5000 coins A pink, white-spotted crab with pink pincers 154 cm
Hermint Crab Alice's World Proper Rod Opal Bubbles A silver, yellow-spotted crab with metallic pincers 37 cm
Sterling Shrimp Alice's World Expert Rod Whimsical Emerald Bubbles An all-golden, spotted crab 56 cm
Crystal Crawdad 100 Acre Wood Well-made Rod Peridot Bubbles, Fluffy Bark, Barley Seed A blue-green crab with orange spots and pincers 148 cm
Golden Crownfish Magic Castle (Castleton) Expert Rod Gilded Bubbles, Sticker. A giant, golden fish with a golden crown on its head 172 cm


  • In case you didn't know, there are 5 fish models in the game, with a re-texture based on world for 4 of them. The fish model with only 1 of its kind is the Golden Crownfish.
  • Each non-golden fish has a color scheme for the world it resides in (besides Castleton if they reside in it): Blue for Cinderella's World, red or pink for Aladdin's World, silver for Alice's World, and green for the 100 Acre Wood.