A player farming with Winnie the Pooh and friends.

is one of the many fun activites the player can do while in many parts of land. With enough love and attention, the player can grow and find many useful things.


Stand over the plot where you want to plant and press A to open up the seed selection screen. Press A again to plant the seed. You can water the plant by pressing A again. Some seeds will require to be watered more than one time, and each fresh watering lasts for 60 minutes. You canalso plant the same seed in multiple spots by pressing Y on each space to keep planting the same seed.

After the seed is planted and watered, it will take anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 and a half hours to finish growing. Whenever something is ready to be picked or can be harvested it will gain a sparkle and you will be prompted to press A to harvest.

Unlocking the Garden AreaEdit

When you reach 16 stickers, you can unlock an episode in the 100 Acre Woods called "Grow Plants in the Field!" You'll be able to plant in a 2x2 square field.

Chain GardeningEdit

Sometimes when you plant a seed and harvest the resulting crop, you will receive a seed different than the one you originally planted. Some seeds cannot be found in quests or shops, and the only way to acquire the resulting plants is by a method called Chain Gardening. Planting a seed next to a Seed of Bounty or using a Good Luck Charm increases the chance of getting a different seed.

Apple ChainEdit

  • Mini Apple
  • Balloon Apple

Big Turnip ChainEdit

  • Big Turnip
  • Starfall Radish

Butterynut ChainEdit

  • Butterynut
  • Golden Butterynut

Carrot ChainEdit

  • Mini Carrot
  • Honey Carrot
  • Spooky Carrot

Citrus ChainEdit

  • Yellow Citrus
  • Orange Citrus

Cocoaberry ChainEdit

  • Cocoaberry
  • White Cocoaberry
  • Mixed Cocoaberry

Creamy Chestnut ChainEdit

  • Creamy Chestnut
  • Extra-Creamy Chestnut

Four-leaf Clover ChainEdit

  • Four-leaf Clover
  • Colorful Clover

Grace Lily ChainEdit

  • Grace Lily
  • Moonbeam Lily

Milkberry ChainEdit

  • Milkberry
  • Crown Milkberry
  • Royal Milkberry

Rose ChainEdit

  • Ruby Red Rose
  • Bright White Rose
  • Jet Black Rose
  • Royal Rose
  • Big Ol' Sunflower

Sweetberry ChainEdit

  • Sweetberry
  • Premium Sweetberry

Wheat ChainEdit

  • Wheat Fruit
  • Barley Fruit
  • Primegrain Fruit



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  • Cotton Leaves
  • Pure Cotton Leaves
  • Denim Leaves
  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Logs
  • Flexible Bark
  • Colorful Clover


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