A full sheet of the Prologue Stickers

Happy Stickers
are special items obtained by completing quests, achivements, and special characters favours only in the prologue. The more Happy Stickers you have the more areas will become unlocked.

There is also an option to let the player see what stickers the game represents they get next.

Happy StickersEdit

Prologue (16)Edit

When starting the game, this set of stickers will be introduced to the player to help them learn the basics.

Stickers How to Get
Mickey Head: Mickey & Friends Meet Mickey and his friends
Minnie Head: First Time Shopping Meet Minnie at McDuck's

Thumbs Up: Quintette of "Nice!"

Get 5 people to comment on your attire
Scroll: A Helping Hand Complete the first favor

Mickey Ears: 3 pieces of clothing

Create 3 types of clothing
Scroll (2): Just like a Genie Grant 3 favors
Heart: A Social Personality Greet 10 people
Fising pole: First Fishing Rod Create the first fishing pole
Fish: First Fish Catch a fish
Anchor: Three is Better than One Catch different 3 species of fish
Teacup: Proud Owner

Become the owner of the Cafe.

Camera: I'll Last Longer Take a commemorative photo in front of the cafe.
Tea Pot: Owner Level Up! Incease owner level at cafe.
Wand: Wanderful! Get first wand.
Ghost: First Episode Cleared Clear first episode.
Shirt: Clothes fit for a Quest Make quest clothes at the boutique.

Outfits (14)Edit

            Stickers                                                           How to Get
1st Bow: 5 Ace Ensembles                        Change into 5 Ace Ensembles

2nd Bow: 8 Ace Ensembles                       Change into 8 Ace Ensembles

3rd Bow: 12 Ace Ensembles                    Change into 12 Ace Ensembles
4th Bow: 16 Ace Ensembles                    Change into 16 Ace Ensembles
1st Shirt: 20 Ace Ensembles                    Change into 20 Ace Ensembles
2nd Shirt: 30 Ace Ensembles                   Change into 30 Ace Ensembles

3rd Shirt: 40 Ace Ensembles                    Change into 40 Ace Ensembles

4th Shirt: 50 Ace Ensembles                    Change into 50 Ace Ensembles
1st Sparkles: First Sparkle                           Get your first sparkle.
2nd Sparkles: All Sparkles                          Collect every sparkle there is!
Mickey Ears: 15 Types of ears                     Own 15 pairs of ears.
Hair: 10 Types of Hairstyles                         Own 10 kinds of hairstyles.
Shoe: 100 Types of Shoes                          Own 100 pairs of shoes.

Needle and thread: Costume Debut         Wear a costume Ace Ensemble

Fishing (10)Edit

             Stickers                                                How to Get
1st Anchor: Notive Fisherman                    Catch 5 kinds of fish.
2nd Anchor: Amateur Fisherman                Catch 8 kinds of fish.
3rd Anchor: Pro Fisherman                        Catch 12 kinds of fish.
4th Anchor: Master Fisherman                  Catch 16 kinds of fish.
1st Fish: Good catch (50cm+)                 Catch a fish larger than 50cm.

2nd Fish: Great Catch (100cm+)            Catch a fish larger than 100cm.

3rd Fish: Amazing Catch (180cm+)       Catch a fish larger than 180cm.
King Fish: The Legendary Fish           Catch a legendary fish.
Rod: One Rod to Catch them All         Make the ultimate rod.
Sparkles: Every Birthstone Bubble   Collect all 12 types of bubbles

Cafe (16)Edit

          Stickers                                                     How to Get
1st Chair: Carpentry Debut                Make first piece of furniture.

2nd Chair: 5 Types of Furniture         Make 5 pieces of furniture.

3rd Chair: 10 Types of Furniture        Make 10 pieces of furniture
4th Chair: 30 Types of Furniture       Make 30 pieces of furniture

5th Chair: 50 Types of Furniture      Make 50 pieces of furniture

6th Chair: 100 Types of Furniture     Make 100 pieces of furniture

1st Tea Cup: A "Hot Theme" menu     Make a menu of "hot theme" items

2nd Tea Cup: A "Rare" menu          Make a menu of items 'rare' or higher
1st Jug: Amateur Chef                    Make 5 types of dishes.
2nd Jug: Skilled Chef                      Make 30 types of dishes.
3rd Jug: Pro Chef                           Make 50 types of dishes
1st Table: 2 Theme Combos          Make 2 theme combos.
2nd Table: 4 Theme Combos         Make 4 theme combos
3rd Table: 6 Theme Combos          Make 6 theme combos

1st Sparkles: Secret Theme Combo      Complete a secret theme combo

2nd Sparkles: Legenary owner       Reach the highest owner level

Photos (12)Edit

Stickers How to Get
1st camera: Photo with Alice Take a commemorative photo with Alice
2nd camera: Photo with Cinderella Take a commemorative photo with Cinderella
3rd camera: Photo with Aladdin Take a commemorative photo with Aladdin
4th camera: Photo with Pooh Take a commemorative photo with Winnie the Pooh
5th camera: Photo with Peter Pan Take a commemorative photo with Peter Pan
6th camera: Photo with Beast Take a commemorative photo with Beast
7th camera: Photo with Snow White Take a commemorative photo with Snow White
8th camera: Photo with Stitch Take a commemorative photo with Stitch
9th camera: Photo with Hercules Take a commemorative photo with Hercules
10th camera: Photo with Chip and Dale Take a commemorative photo with Chip and Dale
11th camera: Photo with Pete Take a commemorative photo with Pete
12th camera: Photo with Huey, Dewey, and Louie Take a commemorative photo with Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Episodes (12)Edit

Stickers How to Get
Complete 3 Episodes Clear 3 Episodes!
Complete 5 Episodes Clear 5 Episodes!
Complete 10 Episodes Clear 10 Episodes!
Complete 15 Episodes Clear 15 Episodes!
Complete 20 Episodes Clear 20 Episodes!
Complete 30 Episodes

Clear 30 Episodes!

Complete 40 Episodes Clear 40 Episodes!
Complete 50 Episodes Clear 50 Episodes!
Complete Bonus Episode Clear the bonus episodes of three worlds
Defeat Queen Pokey Beat the final boss ghost in Cinderella's World
Defeat Queen Coelem Beat the final ghost in Aladdin's World
Defeat Guiltea Beat the final ghost in Alice's World

Farming (10)Edit

Stickers How to Get
First Harvest Harvest 5 types
Novice Gardener Harvest 10 types
Amateur Gardener Harvest 15 types
Skilled Gardener Harvest 20 types
Pro Gardener Harvest 30 types
Master Gardener Harvest 40 types of crops
Legendary gardener Harvest 50 types of crops
The Legendary Flower Pick the Big Ol' Sunflower
The Legendary Honey Collect the Rainbow Honey.
The Legendary Veggie Harvest the Starfall Radish.

Secret (10)Edit

Stickers How to Get
*** Ball Clear one of the Balls with a *** ranking.
Top Rating at Royal Ball Clear the Royal Ball with the top rating
Magic Dungeon B5 Clear level B5 of the Magic Dungeon.
Secret Wand Make a secret wand
Ultimate Quest Clothes Make a Quest Outfit with a maxed out HP stat.
Scrooge's Favorite Customer Spend 100,000 coins at McDucks.
Rare Trade Get a Rare Trading Card
Super Rare Trade Get a super rare Trading Card
Card Collector Obtain 100 types of Trading Cards
Card Master Collect 200 types of Trading Cards


  • Although the sticker states that you have to catch a fish larger than 100 cm, you can still earn the badge with a fish that is exactly 100 cm