Pinocchio DMW
Name Pinocchio
Species Puppet/Human
Home World Castleton
Franchise Pinocchio
Pinocchio - A wooden boy puppet carved by Geppetto and turned into a living puppet by the Blue Fairy. He proved himself brave, truthful and unselfish. And someday he will become a real boy.


Pinocchio is a marionette made to look like a little boy. This is clearly reflected by his arms and legs, which are rectangular blocks of peach-colored wood. His legs also have clear hinges at his knees. Other than this, however, it is rather difficult to tell him apart from a normal boy, and he in fact becomes one during the end credits of Kingdom Hearts. Pinocchio has thick, black hair and eyebrows, blue eyes, and four-fingered hands. His nose is slightly darker colored than the rest of his "skin", and grows when he lies.

Clothing-wise, Pinocchio wears a yellow hat with a red feather in it, brown shoes, and white gloves like those worn by many older Disney characters. He wears a tan, short-sleeved shirt under a black vest with gold lining. His shorts are red, and he wears a blue bow on the front of his shirt.

Items Based on PinocchioEditEdit

  • Pinocchio Furniture, which includes: A pinocchio statue, chairs, bed, chandelier
  • Pinocchio Recipes
  • Pinocchio Costume
  • Pinocchio Dress
  • Pinocchio T-shirt



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