There are a few bits in the game that may not be clear or that there is, quite frankly, an easier way.


You may have noticed some clothing, furniture and the special wands require materials labelled as a Medal, such as the Minnie Star Medal or the Shining Glass Medal. These are not going to be found in the field. The way you would get them is to create a perfect 8 combo in your cafe of ONE character these. All the icons have to match PLUS you have to have at least one secret combo. You'll know it is a secret combo because next to it on your Theme Combo list there will be a gold circle with an orange exclamation point in it.

The secret combo's are the more expensive furniture and decor such as the Palace Set for Aladdin's Desert Sun Medal or the Queen of Hearts set for Alice's Mysterious Heart Medal. When you throw a party after meeting these requirements, there is a chance that the character will show up as opposed to another cast member and a chance that they will have an exclamation point above their head. If the exclamation is there, they will give you the medal. It does not always happen, and it MUST be from the correct character (e.g. Donald Duck or Cinderella). You may have to do this several times.


Honey accumulates naturally, but in order to different Honey types, you need to plant different plants. If you are looking to farm honey, do not pick the plants, just leave them and they will continue to accumulate Honey. More plants spawns more honey. If bees are surrounding it when it is fully grown, it is a plant that will spawn honey.

Honey - Naturally Spawns

Rosy Honey - Hibiscus, Ruby Red Rose

Golden Honey - Fluffy Dandelion, Sunny Daisy

Rainbow Honey - Jet Black Rose has a chance of spawning Rainbow, Royal Rose, Big ol' Sunflower

 rainbow clover